The School of Liberal Arts Held Online Student Research Exchange Activities with The University of Tokyo
(2021-03-05 15:03:24)

On February 25th, Renmin University of China School of Liberal Arts held an online student research exchange with The University of Tokyo College of Arts and Sciences. Prof. YANG Qingxiang, Vice Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, and Prof. ITO Noriya from The University of Tokyo College of Arts and Science, joined the exchange activity.

In the exchange five groups of students presented their research. They focused on topics of “Studies of Japanese Yamato-e Art in Chinese Colleges”, “Drinking Habits of Different Generations in China and Japan”, “Young People’s Attitude towards Relationship and Marriage in China and Japan”, “Tea Culture in China and Japan” and “Introduction and Comparison of Male Performed Female Characters in Chinese and Japanese Dramas”.

Prof. YANG said that the students’ research topics were close to life with high academic value. He appreciated the earnest attitude and innovative spirit of the students, and encouraged them to explore deeper in culture to find common grounds for the friendly relations between China and Japan.

Prof. ITO appreciated the students’ initiative to explore the topics of social concern. He hoped that the results of this survey could provide reference and guidance for further exchanges among students from both schools in the future.

Since December 2020, a series of student exchange activities with The University of Tokyo has been held by the School of Liberal Arts. Through various forms of lectures, discussions, cooperative research and presentations, students from both sides have gained friendship and deepened their understanding of the history, culture and society of China and Japan.

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