Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence: 15 Papers Accepted by ICLR 2021 and CCFA 2021
(2021-03-01 16:03:33)

Renmin University of China, Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence were pleased to announce 15 accepted papers to high-level international conferences including ICLR, AAAI, SIGMOD, IJCV, TKDE and TOIS.

ICLR (International Conference on Learning Representations) has been considered as “the premier conference for deep learning.” A total of 2997 valid papers were submitted to ICLR 2021, of which 860 were accepted, with an acceptance rate of 28.7%. Three papers from Gaoling were accepted by ICLR 2021:

ICLR 2021: Meta-Learning via Modeling Episode-Level Relationships for Few-Shot Learning
Authors: FEI Nanyi, LU Zhiwu, XIANG Tao, HUANG Songfang
Corresponding Author: LU Zhiwu

ICLR 2021: IEPT: Instance-Level and Episode-Level Pretext Tasks for Few-Shot Learning
Authors: ZHANG Manli, ZHANG Jianhong, LU Zhiwu, XIANG Tao, DING Mingyu, HUANG Songfang
Corresponding Author: LU Zhiwu

ICLR 2021: Effective Distributed Learning with Random Features: Improved Bounds and Algorithms
Authors: LIU Yong, LIU Jiankun, WANG Shuqiang
Corresponding Author: LIU Yong

12 papers from Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence were accepted by China Computer Federation A-Level Journals (CCFA), of which were 3 TheWebConf papers, 5 AAAI 2021 papers, 1 SIGMOD paper, 1 IJCV paper, 1 TKDE paper and 1 TOIS paper.

The Web Conference (formerly known as The WWW) will hold its 30th online conference on April 19-23, 2021. A total of 1736 papers were received and 357 papers were accepted, with an acceptance rate of 20.6%. This year 3 papers from Gaoling were accepted:

TheWebConf 2021: A Novel Macro-Micro Fusion Network for User Representation Learning on Mobile Apps
Authors: BIAN Shuqing, ZHAO Xin, ZHOU Kun, CHEN Xu, CAI Jing, HE Yancheng, LUO Xinji, WEN Jirong
Corresponding Author: ZHAO Xin

TheWebConf 2021: Reinforcement Recommendation with User Multi-aspect Preference
Authors: CHEN Xu, DU Yali, XIA Long, WANG Jun
Corresponding Author: CHEN Xu

TheWebConf 2021:FedPS: A Privacy Protection Enhanced Personalized Search Framework
Authors: YAO Jing, DOU Zhicheng, WEN Jirong
Corresponding Author: DOU Zhicheng

The 35th AAAI (Association for the Advance of Artificial Intelligence) conference was held online on February 2-9, 2021. 5 papers from Gaoling were accepted this year:

AAAI 2021: A Global Occlusion-Aware Approach to Self-Supervised Monocular Visual Odometry
Authors: LU Yao, XU Xiaoli, DING Mingyu, LU Zhiwu, XIANG Tao
Corresponding Author: LU Zhiwu

AAAI 2021: Temporal Relational Modeling with Self-Supervision for Action Segmentation
Authors: WANG Dong, HU Di, LI Xingjian, DOU Dejing
Corresponding Author: HU Di

AAAI 2021: Regret Bounds for Online Kernel Selection in Continuous Kernel Space
Authors: ZHANG Xiao, LIAO Shizhong, XU Jun, WEN Jirong
Corresponding Author: XU Jun

AAAI 2021: Learning Graphons via Structured Gromov-Wasserstein Barycenters
Authors: XU Hongteng, LUO Dixin, Lawrence CARIN, ZHA Hongyuan
Corresponding Author: LUO Dixin

AAAI 2021: Coupon Design in Advertising Systems
Authors: SHEN Weiran, TANG Pingzhong, WANG Xun, XU Yadong, YANG Xiwang
Corresponding Author: TANG Pingzhong

The ACM Sigmod International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD) 2021 will be held online on June 20-25, 2021. IJCV (International Journal of Computer Vision) is one of the top International journals in the field of Computer Vision, with a five-year impact factor of 12.38. TKDE (IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering) publishes academic papers in the fields of computer science, artificial intelligence, electronic Engineering, computer Engineering and other fields in the direction of Knowledge and Data Engineering, impact factor 3.857. The ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) is a core SCI journal published by The American Society for Computer Science (ACM). They each accepted one paper from Gaoling this year:

SIGMOD 2021:Unifying the Global and Local Approaches: An Efficient Power Iteration with Forward Push
Authors: Hao WU, Junhao GAN, WEI Zhewei, Rui ZHANG
Corresponding Author: WEI Zhewei, Junhao GAN

IJCV 2021:Transferrable Feature and Projection Learning with Class Hierarchy for Zero-Shot Learning
Authors: LI Aoxue, LU Zhiwu, GUAN Jiechao, XIANG Tao, WANG Liwei, WEN Jirong
Corresponding Author: LU Zhiwu

TKDE 2021:Looking Back on the Past: Active Learning with Historical Evaluation Results
Authors: YAO Jing, DOU Zhicheng, NIE Jianyun, WEN Jirong
Corresponding Author: DOU Zhicheng

TOIS 2021:Neural Feature-aware Recommendation with Signed Hypergraph Convolutional Network
Authors: CHEN Xu, XIONG Kun, ZHANG Yongfeng, XIA Long, YIN Dawei, Jimmy HUANG
Corresponding Author: CHEN Xu

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